Ever dream of...

MySunnyBalcony…a little garden outside your window, all to yourself?

Tired of the three wan looking plants in the corner of your balcony and wish you could do something to give your space that extra oomph?

Ever dine in a hip rooftop lounge and wish you could take it home with you?

Ever wish you could snap your fingers and have a beautiful green space appear out of the concrete jungle, just like that?

Well snap away and you might get your wish. Just like that!

Welcome to MySunnyBalcony! We’re a group of garden enthusiasts dedicated to creating customized landscapes for urban environments. With almost no space left in the city for home gardens, we’ve decided to take our gardens up the elevator and into your balconies and terraces. We do concept gardens, designer balconies and terrific terraces. We have a host of theme balconies to choose from, based on your lifestyle and interests.

Just tell us what you want and we’ll try and make it possible for you. A little herb or veggie patch that looks as fabulous as it tastes? Sure! A sunny spot with flowers bursting out from every corner? Why not? Or perhaps a tranquil zen-style space to contemplate in? With a quiet fountain gurgling away in the background? You got it!

Call us; we’ve got tons of ideas. We’ll study your space, talk to you, come up with an optimum green space design and build it for you.
Take a look at some of our concept gardens. Plenty more to come!!

Like what you see? Let us know and we’ll get in touch!

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Our Locations

MySunnyBalcony Store & Office
10, 5th Cross, Gupta Layout,
Ulsoor, Bangalore – 560008
Ph: 080  25577772 / +919008077772
Timings: 9am-7pm 

MySunnyBalcony at Serenity, Jayamahal
8/1, 5th Main,
Jayamahal Ext., Bangalore – 560046
Ph: +91 80 4127 9127
Timings: 11am-7pm, Sunday Holiday